IFootage Shark Slider and S1A3 System Review by Carey Missler

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Over the last few years, I have bought and used many sliders and a few motion systems. I have yet to find one that I didn’t end up swearing at and wanting to throw it off a cliff lol, until I started using Ifootage products. Ifootage is a competitive manufacturer of tripods, sliders, dolies, jibs and controller systems, committed to using top quality components and workmanship. The Ifootage Shark slider is the best slider I have ever used. When I first received the Shark Slider and the S1A3 motion system, I was blown away by the quality of the gear. Not only does the Shark Slider come in an amazing case, it was really easy to set up, and once I tested it I was in love. I have used many sliders over the years and there seems to always be some kind of a problem. With the Shark slider it is completely perfectly smooth back and forth even while using the wheel. The slider is well built and I have now started using it with our New Red Camera. We have used the shark slider on many productions, most recently a project in partnership with MGM studios, High Roller Games and the show Vikings. We created a promotional video using the S1A3 for a Vikings Board game. We are also currently using the Shark slider and the S1A3 motion system on a TV pilot we are filming called Beefed up with Monsterjams Cam Mcqueen. The Shark slider mixed with the S1A3 gives you amazing flawless smooth shots. It’s amazing for shooting interviews and showcasing products. We are really looking forward to trying out the new S1A3 Mobile app. I”m also very impressed that the S1A3 system can hold the new Red Raven Camera and still capable of getting perfectly smooth shots. The S1A3 system also comes in a nice Pelican case and it takes literally 3 minutes to set up. Here are some behind the scenes pictures of us using the gear on a few different sets lately. Stay tuned for more product review blogs and some behind the scenes clips and videos of our crew using the IFootage Gear. I would highly recommend the gear for any film or photography professional. Feel free to email me at info@dcdproductions.ca for any questions regarding the gear. Check out this photos of the Shark Slider and S1A3 system on set.

Tuff stuff-Behind the Scenes from DCD Productions on Vimeo.

IFootage Shark Slider and S1A3 Motion System set up Timelapse from DCD Productions on Vimeo.







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On September 6, 2016

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