Natalie Saari Yoga & Therapeutics

September 2, 2016

Natalie Saari Yoga Commercial HD from DCD Productions on Vimeo.

Natalie began practicing yoga in 2001 while studying a degree in Kinesiology & Human Kinetics. At that time, yoga was a means to obtain mindfulness. Internal and external awareness. Balance.

She later obtained post-graduate certification through the American College of Sports Medicine as a Clinical Exercise Physiologist (CEP), followed by certification through the National Institute for Clinical Application of Behavioural Medicine in Mindfulness and Psychotherapy (MBSR). Specializing in chronic disease, chronic pain and mental health, she has woven yoga into her clinical practice, applying the therapeutic benefits of yoga with rehabilitation.

Upon completion of a master teacher training program, she has continued to dive deeper into study. With a deep love for yoga, anatomy and physiology, she continues to explore the vastness of yoga therapy in interesting places across the globe.

Natalie has developed the Therapeutic Yoga Program, Teen Yoga, Yoga for Youth at Risk, and holds extraordinary workshops and retreats around the world.

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